The Talk Show Mega-List

Call and send your message to radio and TV talk shows!  You can bring important issues to the attention of talk show hosts resulting in thousands or millions of people being informed.  Hosts frequently read e-mail on the air.  You can expose or praise how Congressmen and Senators vote, promote rallies, encourage listeners to call Congress, or even challenge a liberal host's statements.  Note: If you send your email to more than one show, none will use it regardless of merit because they wouldn't have an exclusive message--send it to just one, and after a week of no reply, then send it to another.  Got a favorite talk show we should list here--let us know!   How to get on talk shows

* All air times are Eastern Time and air Monday-Friday unless noted.  Some shows are repeated at night or on weekends.  Just for fun, we list a couple liberal shows!

Talk Shows
Area Served/Syndicator
Call-In # Air Time*
(M-F ET or as noted)
Fax Web E-Mail
Chuck Baldwin
Pensacola & area.
. See Website . Web Site E-Mail
John Batchelor
Nationwide by Citadel
Not call-in show 9pm-1 am 7 days . Web Site E-Mail
Glenn Beck
888-727-BECK 9 am-Noon . Web Site E-Mail
Tammy Bruce
800-449-8255 10 am - 1 pm ET M-F . Web Site .
Mark Belling
Milwaukee WISN 1130AM.
414-799-1130 3-6 pm CT . Web Site E-Mail
Bill Bennett
866-680-6464 6-9 am . Web Site E-Mail
Herman Cain
Atlanta WSB 750AM.
800-972-8255 7-10 pm 404-897-7363 Web Site E-Mail
Neal Boortz
Atlanta WSB 750AM.
404-872-0750 8:30am-1 pm 404-897-7363 Web Site .
Coast to Coast AM
George Noory/Art Bell/
Ian Punnett

Nationwide on Premiere Radio
See List 1-5 am, 7 days/week . Web Site E-Mail
Mark Davis
Dallas Ft. Worth WBAP AM/FM.
800-288-WBAP 8:30-11 am CT . Web Site E-Mail
Larry Elder
Nationwide & L.A. KABC 790 AM
. 3-7 pm PT 310-838-5222 Web Site E-Mail
Roger Fredinburg
200 Stations
800-449-8255 10pm-1am M-F 541-774-9202 Web Site E-Mail
Tom Gresham "Gun Talk"
800-298-TALK 2-5 pm Sundays . Web Site E-Mail
Sean Hannity
800-941-7326 3-6 pm . Web Site E-Mail
Roger Hedgecock
San Diego KOGO 600 AM
800-600-KOGO 12:20-4 pm 619-285-4395 Web Site E-Mail
Hugh Hewitt
112 Stations
800-520-1234 6-9 pm . Web Site E-Mail
Laura Ingraham
800-876-4123 9am-Noon   Web Site E-Mail
Alex Jones
On Web and Shortwave
See Website See Website   Web Site  
Don Kroah
WAVA Wash DC/Balto MD
888-293-9282 5-7 pm . Web Site .
KABC Shows:
790 AM Los Angeles.
800-222-KABC Several Local Shows . Web Site E -Mail
KFYI Shows:
550 AM Phoenix.
602-260-KFYI Several Local Shows . Web Site E-Mail
Henry Kriegel
Bozeman, MT KMMS AM 1450.
406-522-8255 9:00 am MT Thursdays . Web Site E-Mail
Mark Levin
Nationwide  Citadel
877-381-3811 6-9 pm . Web Site E-Mail
G. Gordon Liddy
800-GG-LIDDY 10 am-1 pm . Web Site E-Mail
Rush Limbaugh
Nationwide  Premiere Radio
800-282-2882 12-3 pm 212-445-3963 Web Site E-Mail
Michael Medved
800-955-1776 3-6 pm . Web Site E-Mail
Midnight Trucking Radio
800-288-9227 1-6 am 817-695-0295 Web Site  
Dennis Miller
866-509-RANT 10 am - 1 pm . Website E-Mail
Bob Mohan
602-258-KFYI 7-9 pm 602- 817-1199 Web Site E-Mail
Chuck Morse
Nashua, NH WSMN 1590 AM
603-883-9900 9-11 am . Web Site E-Mail
Marty Nalitz
Denver KNUS 710 AM
303-696-1971 9 am-1 pm Mountain 303-740-9019 . .
Jill Nicholson
Las Vegas KLAV
866-820-KLAV Thurs 2-4pm 702-796-7433 Web Site E-Mail
Bill O'Reilly
877-9-NO-SPIN Noon-2 pm . Website E-Mail
Janet Parshall
70 stations
800-343-9282 3-6 pm 703-807-2248 Web Site E-Mail
Point of View
800-351-1212 2-4 pm . Web Site E-Mail
Jim Quinn
6 Stations in PA, OH, WV
800-507-1047 6-10 am . Web Site E-Mail
Chris Plante
Washington DC WMAL 630 AM.
888-630-WMAL 9am-Noon . Web Site E-Mail
Diane Rehm
NPR Stations.
800-433-8850 10 am-noon, Sun 10-11 am . Web Site E-Mail
Right Side
4 Stations in MS
5:30 pm . Web Site E-Mail
Lee Rodgers
San Francisco KSFO 560 AM
415-808-5600 6-10 am PST & 5-7 am Sat/Sun 415-658-5401 Web Site E-Mail
Michael Savage
415-808-5600 7-10 pm 415-658-5401 Web Site E-Mail
Mark Scott
Detroit WXYT 1270 AM
248-356-1270 10 am- noon 248-455-7362 Web Site E-Mail
Dick Staub
50 stations
800-775-1067 5-8 pm 847-956-5040 Web Site E-Mail
Talk Back Live
800-510-5266 3-4 pm 888-310-4FAX Web Site E-Mail
Fred Thompson
877-97-FRED-T 12-2 pm . Web Site E-Mail
Washington Journal
See List 7-10 am . Web Site E-Mail
Andrew Wilkow
WGY 810 AM Albany NY
WABC 770 AM NY City
WGY: 9a-Noon Weekdays
WABC: 10a-1p Sun
.. Web Site E-Mail